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Training course specialized in curative pedagogy addressed to educators, doctors, teachers, assistants and social operators that take care of children and young people with special needs.

Libera Accademia Aldo Bargero

This course is for everyone wants to gain a deeper knowledge, a better understanding, a specialisation to enlarge their educational capabilities towards children and young people with mental disabilities, physical disabilities, social difficulties and more.

This is a three years training course to specialized your profession, the first cycle started September 2008. The course works one weekend per month and two full weeks during summer to give the possibilities to all workers to get part. To access the course are requested two years practice as traditional school teacher or as educator within curative field. The course runs from moments of artistic practice, self knowledge development, learning of body caring and development of social qualities.

- All the learning subjects are based on practical personal experiences not to be just a theoretical, unilateral and isolated work. This is infact the fundamental formative process to access real knowledge, through action and thought.

- The practice of different arts is part of the basic training of each educator. It can develop creativity and fantasy and help to connect personal feelings of human soul with the outside world. Eurhythmy, painting, forms and dynamic drawing, clay modelling, music, manual work, art of speaking, gymnastic have the job to promote process of inner self transformation and to develop creativity and fantasy to be a good curative educator and to help to creatively configure the social life and place for children and adolescents with special needs. All educators that can experiment art therapy will bring also more knowledge and better understanding of all the artists active in this field and it will create more unity between operators.

- For the body caring, very important aspect of curative education, are involved rhythmical massage experiences, frizion and external applications.

- During the course will be face themes and experiences within the social environment. Self-knowledge and the boost of self transformation together with comprehension of the other, will bring special social qualities absolutely necessary to act within curative education: these are the roots of the social development and the basic competence needed on the meeting with special needs children and adolescents, their family and the colleagues.


Bruno Callegaro / Medicine

Annamaria Pino / Medicine and pedagogical conversation

Rossana Celeghin / Curative pedagogy, Pedagogical conversation, Manual work

Sandro Marangon / Therapeutic Eurhythmy


Renzo Rastrelli / Clay modelling

Claudio Puglisi / Art of speaking

Marina Sacchetti / Music, Werbek sing

Silvia Ortelli / Painting and form drawing

Davide Bartolini / Bothmer gymnastic

Antonella Napoli / Rhythmic massage, bath and frizion

Heiner Priess / Curative pedagogy

The college has the prerogative to call other external teachers for lectures.



- Embryology

- Elements and ethers

- The human body constitution

- The children organic develop and the study programme in Waldorf schools.


- Rhythmic massage introduction


- Pedagogical conversation introduction and exercise (observation of different phenomena in relation also to the faculties of think, feel and will)

- The 12 senses

- First 4 conferences study from R.Steiner book ‘Course of curative pedagogy’

- Presentation and develop of the study programme of Arts and manual works for 1st and 2nd year classes


- Painting, Clay Modelling, Eurhythmy, Music and singing, Art of speaking, Form drawing, manual work, Bothmer gymnastic.



- The vital processes

- Learning difficulties ( dyslexia, attention’s problems, concentration, ‘hyperactivity’)

- Behaviour’s difficulties

- Introduction to Psychiatry ( obsessions, aggressiveness, panic, hallucinations, trouble in sexuality)


- Frictions and external applications.


- Plastic-pictorial and musical-rhythmical forces

- Study of conferences ( from the 4th to the 8th ) of R.Steiner‘s book ‘Course of Curative Pedagogy’

- Pedagogical conversation exercising ( children observation and its image)

- Work developed within 3rd 4th 5th classes


- Painting, Clay Modelling, Eurhythmy, Music and singing, Art of speaking, Form drawing, manual work, Bothmer gymnastic



- Psychiatry

- Autism, Anorexia, Bulimia, genetic syndromes.

- Senses and reflexes

- Introduction to chirophonetic


- Frictions and external applications.


- Pedagogical conversation

- Study of conferences (from 9th to 12th ) of R.Steiner s book ‘Course of Curative pedagogy’

- Self-knowledge: exercise for teachers.

- Study programme for 6th 7th and 8th year classes.


- Painting, Clay Modelling, Eurhythmy, Music and singing, Art of speaking, Form drawing, manual work, Bother gymnastic

Admission to the course

- Admission interview

- It’s requested 2 years practical experience working with kids

- Title of study requested by law and good health

- Attendance to the course is obligatory. It is also possible to participate to all or to a part of the classes as auditors without obligatory attendance


Four weeks per year (for a total of 12 weeks in 3 years) within classes of curative pedagogy in Italy or foreign countries.

One year of work in a curative pedagogy’s structure.


The “Course of Curative Pedagogy” conferences are built through questions coming from individual studies.

To each lesson will be presented, by one of the students, a pedagogical conversation, both written and oral, and it will be discussed in the next meeting.

Each student is invited to collect all his works, notes and observations in a personal file to be able to build up a portfolio of all the experiences made throughout the course. A copy of this file will be kept in the secretariat of the seminar.

A written and oral report is requested following each experience of apprenticeship. It will be under discretion of teachers to request other reports.


At the end of the seminar the student will present a thesis from a chosen subject, this work must be overlooked by a chosen tutor.


At the end of the 3 years course the student will receive a presence certificate; it will follow the attendance certificate. The diploma will be given only after a year of practical work in a therapy class together with a judgment the school will send to the Seminar.

Time table for weekends and summer’s weeks:

Saturday / Sunday

8.15 – 9.45am 8.15 - 9.45am

10.00 – 11.30am 10.00 – 11.30am

11.45 – 13.15 pm 11.45 – 13.00 pm

2.30 – 4.00 pm 2.15 – 15.45 pm

4.15 – 5.45 pm 4 – 5.30 pm


Davide Bartolini / Gymnastic teacher he took the diploma from a 5 years course in Spacial Dynamics and Bothmer gymnastic in Ludwisburg (Germany). He is currently teaching at the Waldorf School in Bologna, Padova and Cittadella, at K.Hauser Curative Association in Oriago and at the Seminar for Waldorf teachers in Oriago, Manduria and Sagrado.

Bruno Callegaro / School doctor for kids and adolescents with difficulties in behaviour and comprehension in Kassel’s school (Germany); teacher at the course in curative education at the Rudolf Steiner Institut, Kassel: consultant to several Waldorf schools and within classes of curative pedagogy in Italy. Teacher for training in Anthroposophic medicine and Curative Pedagogy in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Rossana Celeghin / She received the diploma in curative pedagogy at the Steiner Institut, Kassel. She thought for 8 years in classes of curative pedagogy at the K.Hauser association of Oriago (Venice), consultant for some Waldorf schools she is also in charge of education for Waldorf schools and anthroposophy.

Sandro Marangon / Study and qualification to teach Eurhythmy at the Academy in Holland, specialization course at the Free University of Spirit’s Science, Dornach (CH). He has a large artistic activity as part of the Ensemble Elisabeth Day with tours in centre and north Europe. Sandro worked as Eurhythmy teacher at the Steiner schools of Lucerna e Muenchenstein (Basil). He specialised in Therapeutic Eurhythmy at the medical section at the Free University of Spirit in Dornach and at the Therapeutic Clinique Ita Wegman in Arlesheim (Basil). He lives and works in Italy as therapist and he collaborates with doctors in scholastic Waldorf institutions and in section of curative pedagogy.

Antonella Napoli / Under costruction

Silvia Ortelli / Art therapist, teacher at the Art Therapy School in Cinabro (Milan). She has been working since 1988, the first 10 years within territorial psychiatric institutes with attention to the psychodynamic; in the year 2000 she took a diploma at the Alanus Hochschule After in Germany with particular attention subject at the evolutive ages. For 6 years she is collaborating with the Steiner school of Milan and 3 years of these 6 actively at the curative pedagogy section of the school. Mrs Ortelli is the responsible teacher for the educational Art Therapy course “Il Cinabro” in Milan.

Annamaria Pino / Degrees in Medicine and Chirurgy in Padova (Italy) followed by a course in Athroposophic Medicine in Rocegno and one of Curative Pedagogy in Verona. Scholastic doctor in the Waldorf schools of Treviso, Oriago, Trento and Manduria. In Oriago she looked after the therapy classes at the K.Hauser.

Claudio Puglisi / In 1973 he certificated at the Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio d’Amico and in 1982 at the Rudolf Steiner Schule fuer Sprachgestaltung und dramatische Kunst, Goetheanum, Dornach (CH). Claudio has been active as actor and director in theatre schools both publics and private in Italy and other countries, for example during the ‘90s he worked actively at the Schule fuer Sprache und Schauspiel, Dornach (CH). Since early ‘90s he has been teaching the Art of speaking following Steiner’s directions, in seminars for teachers’ formation in Oriago, Milan and Rome.

Renzo Rastrelli / Under costruction

Marina Sacchetti / She specialised in musical pedagogy and Werbek chanting at the Emerson College (UK) and thought music at the R.Steiner school of Milan. She worked later as music therapist at the public institute for medicine in Brescia. She is a chanting therapist (Gesangterapie Schule der Stimmenthullung, Langenberg, Germany). She collaborates in the school of Curative Pedagogy of Milan.